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Brick settling in Marietta, GA

Have you noticed that your bricks have settled or even pulled away from the corner of your house causing a crack to appear.  One common area that we have noticed settling  occurring is where the brick wraps around the corner of the house and over a roof- usually a garage.   Notice the picture below, the whole corner of the house started to lean away causing a gap of over 1.25 inches.

With a finely developed system, we can move the entire brick wall over and back into place.  Only a hairline crack  is left and there is no need for any new mortar that will always stand out.  Once the bricks have been moved, a new support system is installed, insuring that this problem never happens again.

Check out the results over on the right- the crack is gone completely!

Call us today for a very reasonable quote to fix a very important part of your home.

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